Tech Gadgets for Babies

Tach Gadgets For Babies

Tech Gadgets for Babies

New parents will go gaga over these gadgets, including a power-folding stroller, smart socks, self-warming bottles, and more.   A rattle used to be enough to keep a baby amused, but now, unless that rattle has a touch screen or connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, your baby may not be interested.

Some babies are already so conditioned to use touch screens on iPads that they’re confused by a tactile, non-interactive print magazine. Children as young as six months are playing with their parents’ electronic devices, according to an infographic about the iGeneration by Angiolotty.

We’ve all seen parents give kids their tablets or smartphones instead of paper and crayons to play with while they wait for their food at restaurants. (Questionable? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.)   And this interaction extends beyond dining rooms into more private places.

The iPotty, a gadget unveiled at CES 2013, is a potty-training toilet with a built-in iPad dock that lets toddlers play while they wait for nature to call.   Even the classic bedtime story Goodnight Moon got an update.

In Goodnight iPad, children readying for bed say goodnight to a host of technology: “Goodnight LOLs, goodnight MP3s, goodnight LCD Wi-Fi- HDTV. Goodnight remotes and Netflix stream, Androids, apps, and glowing screens.”

The Angiolotty graphic also reveals that more two- to five-year-olds with Internet access at home know how to play a computer game and use a smartphone than know how to swim, ride a bike, or tie their shoes. (But that’s OK, because there’s probably an app for that.) If that statistic scares you, read our tips for keeping your child safe online.

Not all baby gadgetry is so frivolous, though. Some tech toys make parenting easier, like automatically folding strollers and self-warming baby bottles. Others help moms and dads monitor the health of their child, like smart scales and even smart socks.

A few promising products—such as the Embrace infant warmer, an affordable and portable incubator for premature babies in developing countries—are only available for medical professionals. Still, they remind us of the potential technology has to improve even the youngest of lives.

We feature all of that and more in the following roundup, so put your baby down for a nap and quietly click through.



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