Memory Improvement Exercises For Kids

Memory Improvement Exercises For Kids

Remembering is not a natural thing for children, but the good news is that there are Memory Improvement Exercises and games which may be used to rebuild and extend the memory tracks of children. If you want to boost the mental abilities of your child, there are plenty of resources available online that can help you and your child improve your memory.


Kids Memory is a website that allows your child to play safe and appropriate games. One of them is Memory Match, which allows the child to remember a card and remember where it is. Another game is called Memory Face Off, where the child has to remember a series of faces and place them in the order that they are revealed (

There are also math games available online that allow the child to play games that enrich his or her mind. One such website is, where there are games like following the cup, cards memory, pattern follow games, picture matching, among many other games. While the site has the word “math” in it, they cover much more.



Another resource available online, but there are other resources and advice on how to help children maintain strong memory and brainpower. For instance, Teacher Support Force lists a variety of activities that can be played at the beginning of every class period (


One game is called “Hide and Wait,” where the instructor (or one of the children) hides an item and the students spot it. From there, the students search for it. By the end of the period, the teacher asks where the item is again.



Another game that can be played is called the “Word Wall Memory Game,” which is very reminiscent of the game telephone. “Using a pointer or meter stick, the first player points to a word and reads it. He hands the pointer to another person who comes to the wall and must point to and read the first player’s word, then point to and read a word of his choosing.” The game is quick and exciting, even for adults!



The website also recommends a game called “whose word is that,” where each child has to remember a word for the day. A similar game is “word or number of the day,” where you choose “one word or number to be the word or number for the day and tell students to listen for it and when they hear it to let you know.” It is a fun game that keeps everyone on their toes.



Whatever you choose to do, have fun with your child and play games wherever you go: in the car, at home, before bed or early in the morning. Try to bond with your child through these games. Smile and know that, not only are you two (or three, four, five, six, the more, the merrier!) are bonding and becoming smarter, faster, and sharper people.


Here are a few more of our personal favorites.

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