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Lego Duplo SetsunnamedPerfect Toys For Toddlers Up To Five Year Old’s

Lego is a Danish toy company that got its beginnings in the 1930’s. Originally, and still, based in Denmark, the brand has been acclaimed worldwide for its line of construction toys. In 1934 the products, as well as the company, officially became known as Lego. The Lego Duplo Sets come with various themed and designed series of sets. Most of these sets cater to a particular age group. One of the well known series is the Lego Duplo line.


The Lego Duplo Sets are well built and nontoxic. The larger pieces allow toddlers to use the bricks and blocks with their own little hands. Building instruction manuals come in every box set. If the instructions are lost, any parent or older child can visit Lego online and get guides in helping the children build their three dimensional designs.


The Lego Duplo Sets are specially made for toddlers with ages ranging from 18 months to 5 years. The Lego pieces’ size is eight times larger in volume than the average Lego brick. The dimension is also twice the height, length and width of the conventional Lego blocks. The concept was first introduced in the year 1969, available in only four basic colors: red, white, blue and yellow. Throughout the years, the collection has evolved to different Lego Duplo Sets including train sets, dinosaur lairs, farm and ranch themes and more. Lego Duplo has also partnered with popular children’s program and cartoon franchises such as Bob the Builder from the famous TV series. These four feature Bob, Scoop and all Bob’s friends. The Thomas & Friends series of toy sets are very popular as a result of partnering with the famous Thomas the Tank product line.


Lego Duplo Sets are certainly one of the best selling toy collectibles for younger kids of all time. The eleven sets in the Lego Bricks series are often cited as being among the all time best selling toys for children ages 2 to 5 years old! This is where the kids can begin getting their building experience. There are three different sized Lego Duplo Sets and other basics to get the beginning brick inventory as well as city, farm, and zoo settings and buildings.


Other Duplo series of sets include:

  • Lego Ville is the largest of the Duplo series with 31 sets making up everything a person would expect to find in your average town.
  • Duplo Castle series consists of only three sets but these include such exciting things as a fire breathing dragon and a knight on a horse.
  • Duplo Dino also has three sets that come with different dinosaurs and cave men.
  • Duplo Trains sets are favorites with the youngsters and the eight sets include everything from the Train Starter Set to the Deluxe Train Set and everything in between.
  • Princess Castle sets are perfect for the family’s little princesses with a pink castle, royal stables. A prince and even horses and a princess with real hair to comb.


Once the kids experience Lego Duplo Sets they will be eager to move on to more challenging Lego projects. They can have years of fun using these wonderful toy building bricks!



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Here are some of the products mentioned in this article…

Lego Duplo Sets

LEGO Duplo Cinderella’s Castle-Duplo bricks are perfect for littler hands. So get her building early with Cinderella’s castle. Easy-to-follow instructions and 77 princess-colored duplo elements help you create this pretty castle together. Your little one will spend hours creating stories of Cinderella in her charming castle. Comes with lots of great extras like a fireplace, chandeliers, and cute little beds. Price $89.99



Lego Duplo Sets

LEGO Duplo My First Construction Site (10518) – 43 Pieces – Suitable for Ages 2-5 Years- Drive, dump and load at the busy building construction site! Help the LEGO DUPLO workmen in the My First Construction site with truck, front loader, crane, building, road sign, cone and more! Features LEGO Duplo My First Construction Set Features building, road sign, cone, small building plates and assorted DUPLO bricks Includes 2 LEGO DUPLO workmen figures. Highly interactive & hours of fun!
Our Price: $29.95



Lego Duplo Sets

All aboard the Number Train to skill building!
Hop aboard the Number Train where learning to count has never been so much fun! With numbered LEGO® DUPLO® bricks and 3 wagons, young builders will learn math skills while creating and constructing their own toddler-friendly train! Rebuild into a tunnel, building, dog house and more. Includes child LEGO DUPLO figure and a dog. Includes child LEGO® DUPLO® figure
Features 10 numbered bricks, dog, 3 wagon bases and other assorted bricksRebuild into a tunnel, building or dog house with a roof that opens! Teach counting while playing!
Price $19.99

Lego Duplo Sets

This creatively designed castle features towers, a dungeon, King’s throne, Knight’s table, a moveable staircase, secret escape door and more! The King’s Castle set includes 996 Lego building pieces, instruction booklet, horse and 7 mini-figures with weapons and accessories. Intended for children ages 7-12.
The lego castle king’s castle is the corners… [More]
Price: 99.99
Buy Now

Lego Duplo Sets

Get into the fast-paced LEGO® building action with a new scene from the Disney/Pixar Cars? movies. Lightning McQueen is being held captive in Big Bentley Tower. Agent Mater Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell rush to the rescue. Help our 4-wheeled heroes to bust him out and hit the road! Includes World Grand Prix Lightning McQueen Agent Mater Finn McMissile Holley Shiftwell The Queen Miles Axlerod and Professor Z Big Bentley Tower features secret entrance control panels and flag-pole Sneak into the Big Bentley Towers secret entrance! Use the lift to reach the top! Launch through the Big Bentley Tower clock into freedom with the slammer function!
Disney Pixar Cars Big Bentley Bust Out Lego [8639 – 743 pcs] 
Price $79.99Retail Price: $99.99
You Save: $20.00
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Lego Duplo Sets

LEGO duplo Toddler Starter Set 10561
Let your young child explore, play and create with the all-new LEGO® DUPLO® Toddler Starter Building Set! Extra-large DUPLO bricks are the perfect introduction to creative building for toddlers. This 37-piece set includes patterned and eye-decorated DUPLO bricks that are fully compatible with standard DUPLO bricks and elements. The box lid also doubles as a building plate.
Price: 19.99
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